Bitcoin cloud hashing SCAM

This is a short follow up to my other blog entry about bitcoin cloud hashing. While there I reviewed and assessed different services from an investment perspective, they seems to be legit and adhering to what they sell, although not 100% upfront on the risks, but that's not probably their job to do so.

I just wanted to write up to warn and make you doubt about bitcoin cloud hasing sites in general, as this is a niche very prone to scams and people, beats me, tend to trust a good amount of money to strangers.

Bitcoin cloud hashing review

Over the last few weeks, and of course, because of the latest frenzy on bitcoins due to its price, I decided to try to get into it a bit. People will comment it's a bubble, other it's not, but the fact is that it has a very good momentum that's likely to continue for quite a while. Of course nobody knows what will happen, that's the only sure fact, but I rather have some and lose some money that not have any and missed a good opportunity to earn some more.