I recently purchased a C1 camera, and as usual, the first thing I wanted to do was to update the firmware.

I was having some power outage issues at the office, but at some point they seemed fix, or so I thought.

Just in the middle of the upgrade, while I was thinking that maybe it wasn't such a great idea to be doing it at that moment, the power went off one last time.

I just made myself a very fancy paperweight!

I bought this camera in the US and brought back to Argentina, so I needed to find an alternative way of fixing it. I knew there's a serial recovery process, but looking for it online didn't yield much, and I knew it could possibly be a lot of time for me to do it.

I contacted foscam.us, which kindly referred me to ask the same question to foscam.com, and after 4 days, and when I was about to take to a place where they were going to update it manually, I got an email with instructions to do it myself, and very easily through the SD card.

So attached are the files I got. Please read carefully through the PDF and use this at your own risk. It did work for me.