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Afer building, marketing and selling a bunch of these devices, and as I focused on some other things I decided to release the specifications of my project. This project covers:
  • Microchip Pic development
  • A bit of electronics
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K-Mojo Remote Sony Lanc Controller

This device is specially designed to be used with helmet mounted cameras. You can control your camera easier than from the back or side of your camera. It even lets you have have your camera protected from snow or rain while still controlling it from outside the box. It has been used, among other sports, in Parachuting/Skydiving, Power Parachutes, Snowboard, Ski and Aerobatics. kmojo k-mojo product photo
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stand By/Record indication Light.
  • Low Batt and Low cassette indication Light (While in Stand By or Recording).
  • Turn ON & OFF the camera without touching it.
  • ZOOM Feature. Lets you configure a fixed ZOOM position to go forth and back from that configured position.

Works in most of Sony (r) camcorders with LANC Connector

See how it works before you actually get one

Download the pdf manual

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